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A Guide To Futures Trading

SGX Academy will be conducting a beginners course on futures trading tomorrow (9th April 2011) from 930am to 1230pm. The cost of the attending this event is $40 but if you are thinking of doing trading, it would be worth your while attending.

I have attended training sessions by the trainer YCK before and he always has a lot of practical examples of his real trades to share.

You will get much better value from this $40 than some of the other courses out there charging you few thousands dollars.

The event and registration link can be found here:

A Guide to Futures Trading

The website says deadline for registration is over but I understand SGX Academy can still take in more people (ideally before 2pm today so that they have time to prepare your notes).

If you are registering today, do follow up with a call to them at 63275438 (Operating Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm)  to confirm your place.

1. The Futures Market
▪ History & Evolution of Futures
▪ What are Futures and its Usage
– Beyond commodities
▪ The Futures Market Participants
▪ The Futures Market Structure
– The Exchange
– Introduction to SGX contracts and its underlying indices
– Correlation of SGX Index Futures Contacts to the securities trading market
– The Clearing House (the essential of trading regulated products)
– Futures Clearing Members / Brokers
– Trading Members Individual (TMI)

2. Trading Futures Contracts
▪ Trading Mechanism
– Open Outcry
– Electronic Trading
– Phone Broking
▪ Placement of Orders & Order Types
▪ Selection of Futures Products & Brokers
▪ Trading Decisions/Tools
– Fundamental Analysis
– Technical Analysis
– Psychological Analysis
– Random Walk Theory
▪ Elements of Successful Trading
– Importance of cash flow & Risk Management

3. Understanding Trading Systems
▪ Types of Markets
▪ Types of Trading Systems
– Program Trading

4. Trading/Training Programs

5. Trading Communities

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