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Alignment of Names of Shares in Trading Counter and CDP

Starting from today, SGX will standardise how shares of listed companies are identified on their trading counters and on investors’ Central Depository (CDP) statements.

This will make it easier for investors to recognise the names of the companies they are invested in. This initiative only affects ordinary shares. Both the company’s stock code and legal name will not be changed.

Previously, there might be slight differences in how share might be represented as a trading counter and in the CDP statements. Sometimes, there might be an extra space or word, but sometimes, they might be totally unrecognisable.

For example: (trading counter name, CDP name)

  • Weiye – Weiye Holdings
  • WE Hldgs – WE
  • Transpac – TIC
  • St Trdg – Straits Trading
  • SeeHS – SHS
  • Far East Grp – Far East

I’m actually quite surprised that this discrepancy has been left hanging for so long. Good that SGX has finally decided to do something about it.

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