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Banking Systems Most Exposed to PIIGS Nations

In an April 2010 report, the Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a clearinghouse for world’s central banks – reviews central bank data and reveals the countries that are the most exposed to European turmoil, specifically in their banking systems.

The numbers presented here take into account foreign claims – investments in the form of loans and bonds that have arisen from PIIGS nations – that are held by international banks headquartered outside the individual countries.

Figures below are reproduced from a compilation by CNBC. Note that the exposure numbers only include data from international banks, and does not account for insurance companies or other financial firms.

All figures in millions. (Click on figure to see enlargement)


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stevey says 10 years ago

I am surprise to learn that the financial sector of Germany is 20% larger than the UK. I always hold the mistaken believe that the UK is the financial centre of Europe

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