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Bernard Madoff – A Ponzi Scam of Epic Proportions

Bernard Madoff has probably made history by operating the biggest ponzi scheme in the world. Before we look at his case, let us revisit what a ponzi scam is.

A ponzi is a fake investment scheme that promises investors x% returns. The actual investment does not generate returns anywhere near that which is promised. Instead, money from new investors are used to fund the payments to earlier investors.

The whole ponzi can continue to operate until either it gets too big or investors start to do mass redemptions.

The typical ponzi scheme that operates on the internet start by taking in hundreds or even thousands of dollars from each investor. Usually, they grow to a couple of million dollars in size before the scammers decide to call it a day and run off with the money.

Now, back to the Madoff case.

Bernard L. Madoff is the founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, a securities broker dealer that ranks among the top 1% in US.

He also runs a separate investment advisory business for certain private clients. There are between 11-25 clients with a total of approximately $17.1 billion of assets under management. This is the area where the ponzi took place.

A few days ago, Madoff admited to a couple of senior employees that this advisory business was a big fraud. He had personally lost close to $50 billion and the business had been insolvent for years. What he had been doing was to use money from new investors to fund payments to old investors.

Recent requests from clients for redemptions of $7 billion meant that the game was over. You can read the sworn statement of Theodore Cacioppi, a special FBI agent who spoke to Bernard Madoff, below.


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Lyn says 12 years ago

wow, here goes another fraud and this must happen during this bad financial crisis period.
So to play safe, dont ever look for thos extraordinary returns. During this period, it has been revealed that it is more realistic to stay with low risk products although it gives lesser returns but at least your principal sum is guaranteed.

Dividends Anonymous says 12 years ago

Could you imagine? There were people in NY boasting for years that their money was handled by this individual, flaunting it almost as a status symbol in private circles. I think trust is one of the foremost important elements to any investor/advisor relationship as you can’t take anything for granted any more – especially honour.

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