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BlackRock Launches Funds to Singapore Retail Investors

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company with assets under management of more than US$3 trillion, will be rolling out its unit trusts to retail investors in Singapore.

Previously, their offering were only available to accredited investors in Singapore. Having registered with MAS 25 of their Luxembourg-based retail funds that feed into the BlackRock Global Fund (BGF) umbrella recently, retail investors will be able to invest into them very soon.

The full list of BlackRock Global funds that will be made available are:

  • Global Allocation Fund
  • Global Equity Fund
  • European Fund
  • Latin American Fund
  • Emerging Europe Fund
  • China Fund
  • World Gold Fund
  • World Mining Fund
  • World Energy Fund
  • Global Dynamic Equity Fund
  • US Basic Value Fund
  • US Flexible Equity Fund
  • Emerging Markets Fund
  • Asian Dragon Fund
  • Asia Pacific Equity Income Fund
  • India Fund
  • New Energy Fund
  • World Technology Fund
  • World Healthscience Fund
  • World Financials Fund
  • World Agriculture Fund
  • Global Inflation Linked Bond Fund
  • Asian Tiger Bond Fund
  • Local Emerging Markets Short Duration Bond Fund
  • US Dollar High Yield Bond Fund

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Garrett says 9 years ago

BlackRock? Isn’t that iShares? Are those new unit trust index funds?

    lioninvestor says 9 years ago

    Hi Garrett,

    Blackrock bought over iShares from Barclays. They still have their core fund management business of actively managed funds.

DanielP says 9 years ago

I wonder if their track record is better compared to those fund managers we are already familiar with.

    lioninvestor says 9 years ago

    Hi Daniel,

    Remember that past performance is not indicative of future performance. 🙂

    But they do have some interesting sector funds that have few alternatives (to the retail investors) in the market.

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