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Boron Investor Loses Her Case Against Profitable Plots

An investor who tried to recover her money from Profitable Plots had her case thrown out by the courts yesterday.

The reason was because her contract was not made with Profitable Plots but with a separate legal entity that is not based in Singapore.

The person had invested in a product called Boron, a fuel product, which promised to pay 12.5% every 6 months.

After her Boron investment matured, she had difficulty getting her money back from Profitable Plots and decided to pursue her case in court.

Profitable Plots (also known as Profitable Group) is on the MAS watchlist as well as currently being investigated by CAD.

Profitable Plots did not breach any contract (Today)

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DanielP says 9 years ago

Sad but true if you dont care about yr money, nobody else will.

Singaporean says 9 years ago

of course cannot win lah, these companies set out with the plan in mind. They know the law well and are untouchable because they have lawyers who ensure they operate within the boundaries of the law.
Our system is such that nobody can stop it even though we can all see how stupid it is at times.

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