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BTO for Singles Launched

In the BTO launch exercise announced by HDB yesterday, some 2-room HDB units in non-mature estates have been set aside for singles who were 35 years old and above.

While singles can start cheering the move, the chances of getting a unit  can be actually quite low. While a total of 519 new 2-room flats in Seng Kang and Yishun are available in this BTO exercise, a limit of 30% of these units will be for singles. That works out to be around 173 units.

However, a significant change is that the monthly household income ceiling for families for 2-room flats in non-mature estates will be increased from $2,000 to $5,000. This is also the income ceiling for singles who are applying. This might very well pull some potential condominium shoebox buyers to HDB instead.

The Government will also extend the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and the Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG) to eligible singles buying BTO flats.

The full announcement by HDB also includes some other rules refinement affecting married couples and can be found here:

Meeting Diverse Housing Needs – 4,079 New Flats for Families and Singles

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Barton O. Parsons says 8 years ago

From today, singles will be able to apply for new two-room flats in non-mature estates. HDB says about a third of the 519 new two-room flats in Sengkang and Yishun will be reserved for them. This is the first time that a BTO project will offer units just for them. Previously, singles aged 35 and above could only get their HDB homes from the resale market, with a grant of $15,000. This group can now apply for new flats under the BTO scheme. Singles who apply for these flats under the Joint Singles Scheme will pay the same BTO price as married couples. Those who apply under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme will pay $15,000 more than married couples. Singles who later marry will receive the CPF Housing Top-Up Grant of fifteen thousand dollars after marriage. In parallel, the Government will extend the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and the Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG) to eligible singles buying BTO flats. With effect from today, the Government will also extend the Additional Housing Grant to singles buying a resale flat in the open market HDB made the announcement as it launched 3,861 flats for sale in Bukit Merah, Sengkang, and Yishun under this month’s Build-To-Order, BTO, exercise. A wide range of flats, from Studio Apartments to 5-room flats, are being offered to meet diverse housing needs.

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