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Capitaland Rights Offer Document

Capitaland has released the offer document (or offer information statement) for their rights issue. This document provides additional information on the Capitaland Rights Issue and will be mailed out to entitled shareholders on 26th Feb 2009. The electronic version can be downloaded here:

Capitaland Rights Offer Document

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Jenniliesa Low Gek Eng says 11 years ago

I heard about this rights issue, I have 10,000 shares which I
bought some time ago, but because I live Switzerland & till
now have not receive the application form yet, and the closing
date is 12.03.09, what should I do now?

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Hi Jenniliesa,

    According to the offer document, the rights will not be available to foreign shareholders.

    I suggest you call the hotline to verify your eligibility.


Jane says 11 years ago


I have bought the capitaland 2 lots entitled to 1 right. Can my 1 right become the mother share. Will there be expiring of right share?

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Hi Jane,

    When did you buy the Capitaland shares? If you bought them before last Thursday, then you would have received your rights.

    You will need to pay $1.30/share to convert your rights to the mother share. Alternatively if you do not wish to convert, you have about a window period of a week to sell your rights.

    Key dates can be found here:

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