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Citibank SMS Pay

Citibank has launched an interesting service, Citibank SMS Pay, that allows you to make payment to your Citibank’s credit card bills using your handphone.

How Citibank SMS Pay works is that you first setup a one-time arrangement for an Inbound Funds Transfer with your preferred bank. This arrangement will authorise Citibank to make deductions for payments to your Credit Card and/or Ready Credit Bills from your preferred other bank account via an SMS.

Once the arrangement is completed, you will receive an SMS informing you of your Citibank Credit Card and/or Ready Credit outstanding bills when payment is due.

You may then instruct the bank to pay either the minimum or full sum by simply replying to the SMS.

Once payment has been received, you will receive a SMS informing you it is done.

Now, this is a good innovation that makes things very convenient for Citibank customers.

However, convenience is one thing. It it still a good habit to check your credit card statements to make sure that the transactions charged to your card are all genuine. You do not want to be paying for something that you didn’t spend.

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