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Closure of NTUC Growth Plan

The Growth Plan from NTUC is one of the more popular single premium endowment plans in the market for a duration of five years or more.

While the returns are nowhere near what you can get from an equity investment, it does give a conservative and steady returns of 2-4%+ p.a.

The interest rates in Singapore have reduced quite significantly over the past few years. 12-month fixed deposit rates are now hovering around 0.4% p.a. compared to 0.9% p.a. 5 years ago. Similarly, 5-year Singapore government bond yields have declined from 3.2% p.a. 5 years ago to 0.9% p.a. today.

As such, NTUC have decided that it is no longer possible to offer the Growth Plan in its current form and have withdrawn it from the market.

A new version of the Growth Plan will be launched in its place but you can expect returns to be poorer compared to the old one. 🙁

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The Watchman says 9 years ago

Growth was never a good product for people who wanted to accumulate because the real return was only 1% at best and maybe zero in the future..
Secondly Growth product didn’t give a steady return of of 2-4%.. sugggesting return was risk free. .it wasn’t steady . It gave 4% only at maturity(10 years) with liquidity risk ex ente. Standard deviation approx 5%

It was popular because it was sold as an end in itself.

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