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COE for Cars Cross $90,000

I was looking at the news headlines this morning and saw this headline: “COE price for small cars hits $68,656“.

The same headline could easily have read : COE for Cars Hits $92,000.

To someone glancing through the headlines, it could subconsciously affect their thinking about whether COE were expensive or not.

Factually, both are correct as it really depends on which category of cars you are looking.

Interestingly, the title of the same article online reads as : COE prices end sharply higher at latest bidding exercise

The COE for small cars was at $68,656 (15% increase), while that for the open category hit $92,700 (6.6% increase).

As there will be a 20% cut in the quota of certificates for the next 6-months, bidding for this round could have been more frantic than normal.

Nevertheless, cheap COE prices are probably a thing of the past as the demand for cars continue to outstrip the supply of cars allowed onto the roads.

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