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Coffeeshop Talk: My CPF and Me

The CPF scheme is a scheme that most Singaporeanse do not fully understand.

This is not surprising given the complexity of the numerous rules and the regular changes to them.

The CPF board is organizing an information session on the CPF scheme that seeks to answer some basic questions on the CPF. Questions like:

“How much goes into my CPF accounts?”
“What can I use my CPF savings for?”
“How can my CPF help to achieve my retirement goals?”

Join them for a cup of coffee, and get a better understanding of your CPF savings and how you can make your CPF work for you. At the same time, you will also get to know of the latest changes to CPF schemes and services.

Date : 7 Jun 2012 (Thursday)
Time : 07:30PM to 09:30PM
Venue : Ya Kun #05-33 Orchard Central
Closing Date for Registration : 6 Jun 2012

Target audience: New CPF members / Young working adults

The registration link can be found here.

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sender says 11 years ago

The bureaucracy has great propensity to make things complicated. Even simple matter like taxi fares and its many surcharges can be a nightmare for locals to understand.

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