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Helping the Needy with ComCare

There was an article in the newspapers yesterday about various schemes provided by the government to help the needy.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness, many needy people might not be tapping on the funds available in the schemes. For example, out of the $6.25 million set aside for the ComCare fund for this current financial year (which ends in March 2009), only $1.6 million had been disbursed as of December 2008.

I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the schemes available to increase public awareness.

ComCare SelfReliance (helping the needy to achieve self-reliance)

ComCare Enterprise Fund (CEF) – Gives seed funding of up to $300k to social enterprise start-ups that provides employment and training opportunities to disadvantaged Singapore Citizens.

Work Support (WS) – Financial assistance for families undergoing difficulties with a household income of less than $1500/month.

ComCare Transitions (CCT) – Financial asssitance for families which have household members who are unable to work temporarily.

ComCare Grow (caters to the development needs of children from needy families)

Centre-based Financial Assistance Scheme for Childcare (CFAC) – Grant of up to $340/month to help pay for the fees of childcare center. Families with household income of less than $1800/month and working mothers are eligible.

Kindergarten Financial Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) – Pays up to 90% of kindergarden fees. Families with household income of less than $1800 are eligible.

Student Care Fee Assistance Scheme (SCFA) – Subsidies for student (age 7-14) care fee. Families with household income of less than $2500 or with disabled children are eligible.

Healthy Start Programme (HSP) – Teaches parenting skills to parents and provides subsidies for preschool education. Family must have household income of less than $1500/month.

ComCare EnAble (focus on helping people who require long term assistance)

Public Assistance (PA) – Provides cash grant and medical assistance to people who are unable to work due to old age, illness or disability.

Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) – Provides financial assistance to persons with disabilities with so that they can purchase assistive technology (AT) devices to pursue mainstream education or gain open employment.

For additional information on any of these programs and how to apply, the ComCare hotline number is at 1800-2220000.

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Raji says 12 years ago

I Raji rcvd financial assistance from CDC $300 FOR 6 mths and now Ircvd no more. I’m taking care of my mum aged 76yrs and Ihad asked several times help for my mum My husband salary is $1500 and I’m working as a part timer and soon Itoo want to leave my job to look after my mum as she cant walk The officers in charge thinks that we are begging for money. It is just a help. They can provide food vouchers and transport vouchers and cash grants for my mum so that it will be easier for my mum to go clinic as she is a asthma patient together with blood pressure. Not every children can support thier parent as they have thier own problem.Once we rcvd any help from CDC they should know by themselves that these families are in problem but should not be afraid to help needy elder Singaporeans. This are the pains of singaporeans with low income. My mum cant walk to ask help to CDC.

pritam singh says 14 years ago

I pritam singh age 50, had a laminectomy L4 and L5 . For the last 2 years
i am having serious lower back pain , numbness,weakness and pain shooting down to my toes, , Today pins and needles sensation ,pain gets worse when standing or sitting for long. I also having chest pains
with bad headches and get irritated and thus given (ONE YEAR MEDICAL LEAVE)
medical help from NUH.I had many at times wanted to commit suicide and went into major suicide depression
looking at my 3 children had kept me GOING

We are in debt with finanically difficulty and medically unfit. my wife has a part-time job and earning $550/-
and we have rental our master room for $600/- as to practice self -reliance and still facing hardship.

Today my Family is going through catastrophe. Putting food on the table is also very difficult.
and my 3 children are all below the age of 9.

SPS has twice terminated my services and beed installed with U PAY METER ,and still face difficult in paying
HDB wants to do a compulsary aquistion on my HDB flat and a NOTICE OF VESTING has been serve
and this has thus put my family into further difficulty.

It would be good with your help, if you can help me and my family with food vouchers and any other form of help.

Approached CDC many times and was told that my case is still pending
my humble request please look carefully into my case



#03-161 s671133

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