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DBS Asset Management Ltd renamed Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited

DBS Asset Management Ltd (“DBSAM/星展资产管理有限公司”) has been renamed to Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited (“Nikko AM Asia/日兴资产管理亚洲有限公司”) with effect from yesterday.

The renaming follows Nikko AM’s acquisition of DBSAM from DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”) on September 30, 2011.

As a result, the majority of DBSAM’s funds have been renamed with the prefix “Nikko AM Shenton”.

Nikko AM Asia now comprises the integrated investment capabilities and operations of both DBSAM and NAMS. The enlarged asset manager becomes Nikko AM’s largest center of excellence in South-East Asia, with broad investment management expertise in Asian equities and Asian fixed income.

Nikko AM is one of the largest’s asset managers in Japan with total assets under management of over US$165 billion and was established in 1959.

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Singlish destroyer says 8 years ago

Nikko AM is one of the largest asset managerS in Japan…

(why do so many drop the “s” here? the expression form is one of many)

    Martin Lee says 8 years ago

    Missed that! Thanks for correcting.

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