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Delisting of Lyxor ETF MSCI Thailand

I just saw an announcement by Lyxor that the Lyxor Thailand ETF will be delisted from SGX on 14th August 2009. There msut be an earlier announcement on this but I missed that.

CDP will credit the respective accounts of the remaining Singapore investors that were still holding the units of the ETF with the CDP as at 24 July 2009  with the final distribution proceeds in respect of their holdings of the units in the ETF on or about the final payment date, 11 August 2009.

The Remaining Holders (based on the records of the CDP as at 24 July 2009) will also be entitled to a final distribution amount of USD 3.74 per unit of the ETF.

This comes less than one year after the Lyxor Thailand ETF was launched back in November 2008. Those who had bought it during that time wouldn’t have done so badly as the market was in rally mode for the last few months.

However, this does show the vulnerability of specialised ETFs in Singapore. As Singapore is really a very small market, providers might find it non-viable to keep certain ETFs running if they fail to attract sufficient investor interest.

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