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Den of Lion Investor is Now Mobile Friendly

If you have the experience of surfing the internet on your mobile phone, you will realize that the majority of the sites look the same whether you view it on your computer or on the handphone.

Sometimes, this makes browsing on the small screen of the handphone a bit painful as you need to zoom in and out frequently to read the parts you are interested in.

I just spent some time configuring this Den of the Lion Investor site to be “mobile friendly”.

Navigation on the handphone is now very clean and there’s no need for you to zoom in and out anymore.

If you own a smartphone, visit the site on your handphone browser now and let me know what you think!

It took me quite some time to realize the need to have a site that looks differently on the handphone. Coupled with the fact that the smartphone penetration in Singapore is one of the highest in the world, this improvement is a must.

Well, I suppose better late than never. 🙂

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Steve F says 11 years ago

I would lke to suggest you re-order comments from newest to oldest (or offer the option) . I like to track your land banking threads but it is painful to scroll all the answers on a mobile to find the newest one.

Good job on the blog.

    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Hi Steve,

    That’s a good idea. Scrolling down hundreds of comments can be a bit difficult.

    I’ll try to get something done in the future.

    For now, perhaps the best way is for you to subscribe to the comments updates via email or even RSS (yes, RSS comment updates for specific post is actually available). Just add /feed to the post’s url and add it to your RSS reader.

Roger says 11 years ago

Thanks lion, it’s so much easier to read now on my iPod.

Derek says 11 years ago

Hi Martin,

Your site looks great on my Android phone. Are you using the free or paid version of WPtouch?

I believe I should do the same and may require some pointers from you.


    lioninvestor says 11 years ago

    Derek, currently I’m still testing the free version.

    Might not work as well for your site. As most of your articles link out to other blogs, your readers’ experience will still depend on whether the other sites are optimized.

      Derek says 11 years ago

      That’s true. I think feeds might work better. Maybe a mobile app to do this might be a better option.

      Gives me an idea on my next project.


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