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Down With HFMD

I’m currently down with hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) so there won’t be much blog updates this week and the next.

The mouth ulcers really make it a pain to eat and drink. ๐Ÿ™

I guess this is a good reason to give myself a rest.

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patrick lim says 10 years ago

sorry to hear this but wishing u a speedy and full recovery.
God Bless.

dlysen says 10 years ago

Take your time to rest and get well soon.. It is my first time to visit in your blog my friend and I am sad to know that your not in good condition. Take care

FoodieFC says 10 years ago

take care.

Jasmin says 10 years ago

Hi Martin,
Take good care and rest well.

Roger says 10 years ago

Avoid heaty food and drink barley water to recover quickly

Steve F says 10 years ago

Get well soon. How did you catch it ?

    Martin Lee says 10 years ago

    Got it from another adult who had it too!

Derek says 10 years ago

Have a good rest and a speedy recovery.

Yvette says 10 years ago

Have a deserving rest. Get well soon.

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