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Earn Cash Incentives on Your MRT Trips

How can you avoid crowded trains and be paid for it?

Working with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, researchers from Stanford University and the National University of Singapore launched INSINC in 2012 to study the effects of incentives and social interaction on public transit commuting.

Insinc encourages participants to shift their commute schedules on the Singapore rail system away from overcrowded peak times. The more commuters participate in Insinc, the more opportunities they will have to receive random rewards. Insinc aims to reduce crowded trains by distributing the load, resulting in a more efficient use of Singapore’s transportation resources.

Since the launch of the project early this year, more than 10000 commuters have won monetary prizes ranging from $1 to $100 with a total value of more than $150,000.

Click here to join INSINC and start earning credits on your MRT trips.

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