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EcoHouse Investors Stranded

EcoHouse is a company that offers real estate investment opportunities in Brazil.

One of their investment projects offered a 20% return for a one year duration.

A couple of days ago, there was an article in the Business Times which reported that investors who invested in the EcoHouse scheme were still waiting for their money back.

EcoHouseThe investors were offered an option to extend the maturity to 3 years. In return, they would be able to get a immediate payment of 20%.

Personally, I will usually not be interested in any investment that can offer me any kind of guaranteed payout based on some underlying investment. Whether the investment is linked to land, property, oil, agriculture, precious metals or anything.

I have seen too many of such schemes crash and burn. Yes, there will always be some explanation about why payouts are delayed. While some of these explanations could be legit, the fact of the matter is that almost all investments have many variables that are beyond control of the company. Thus I always treat any form of promised payout as something that might or might not happen.

For the case of EcoHouse, even though the company has mentioned that they do some form of currency hedging, the collapse of the Brazilian Real is probably one of the factors that has impacted their ability to repay the Singapore investors.

At the end of the day, any promise is only as good as the credit rating and reputation of that company.

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Steve F says 6 years ago


This thread is worth a look as it has a fairly detailed discussion on Ecohouse. One of the concerns raised is whether the restructured 3 year deal actually removes obligations. The is also reference to a Brazilian article raising some fairly serious concerns.

    Steve F says 6 years ago

    The BT article has aged off. A pdf copy is available here here

      Martin Lee says 6 years ago

      Thanks Steve, I have replaced the link in my original post with the pdf version. Hmm, here’s an active discussion at the link you posted but at the end of the day, I think the investors are not going to be getting anything back.

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