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Emeritus Lion Investor

When I created this site back in March 2008, the first step involved was thinking of a suitable domain name.

The name had to be something that was relevant to the topics in the site. I decided against using my name as it would not be immediately clear to people what the site was about.

I wanted to use a pen name like Mr Brown, which would make it easy for people to remember.

Of course, whatever name I ultimately decide to use had to be also available.

So I was toying around with ______ investor. Tried a few combinations before finally drawing some inspiration from Temasek Holdings. What other word could I use to signify Singapore? Temasek. Lion City. The word lion of course!

Did a check and found lioninvestor available. Which was quite a rarity as it was a two word domain. And so, that’s how the site started. An investor in Singapore is what I am and that makes it a perfect match.

It’s with mixed feelings today that I announce a rebranding and migration of the entire site.

There will not be any new posts over the next few days as I will be busy migrating the site over to a new domain. The new site will be at

The whole process is quite tedious as I will need to migrate not only the site, but also the facebook, twitter and feedburner account.

Not to mention my emails, contacts, calendar and hundreds of documents that I have linked to this existing domain name using Google applications. I will not be able to migrate a couple of things like my task lists and chat history and I have yet to find a way around that.

To top it off, this email account is also the primary account on my android phone so I will need to do a factory reset on my handphone that will erase all my handphone data and applications. And then re-install them again.

Sorry for the rant. ๐Ÿ™

But for you my readers, the entire process will be quite seamless. There will be minimum downtime (if any) and if you go to a link on this domain, you will automatically be routed over to the correct page on the new site once it is up. All the existing posts and comments will still be there and you can continue to post your comments.

If you have an existing email or feed subscription, you can continue to use that but I would prefer that you subscribe to the new feed address here.

My new facebook page will be here: Martin Lee. Please do “like” it and continue to support my work.

I would also like to request that if you have a link to my site, kindly update it to reflect the new domain name. You will just need to change your old link from to However, please do so only from next week when the new site is ready.

And so, I’m signing off here for the last time as Emeritus Lion Investor.

See you over at the new site next week!

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Seth says 11 years ago

Why the rebrand? Lion Investor is quite an iconic name ๐Ÿ™‚

    Martin Lee says 11 years ago

    It has become too iconic! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nuts says 11 years ago

I hope you managed to get a good compensation from the other party.
I guess gone are the good old days in the late 1990s when you could grab and sell it to the company for 7 figure sum.

Note to self:-
When choosing online domain, make sure to avoid any names which may be perceived to be proprietary (no matter how real or unreal) especially to big companies with plenty of money.

Select names such as or
Don’t think got big company with those type of names or logos.

coffee-o says 11 years ago


I have been following your blog everyday since minibond enent.

Many thanks for your great efforts to provide me up-to-date and relevant information. I have been benefited a lot from you and those participating in this blog.

Looking forwards to seeing you at your new site.

TravelKid says 11 years ago

Hope you’ll leave the Lion Investor site up for a little while longer so that your followers have some time to change over to your new site.

    Martin Lee says 11 years ago

    Hi TravelKid,

    Not to worry, I will make sure that everything will be seamless.

Derek says 11 years ago

Hi Martin,

Really looking forward to your new site. Are you doing everything on your own including designing the new site?

Not sure if the old links will still work but I think I too will have to make changes once you migrate to your new site.


    Martin Lee says 11 years ago

    Trying to find a suitable template now. I will make it such that the old links will work for the time being, though will need you to help update the links on your site later. I’m sure you know how to script it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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