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Enhancing Financial Risk Management Knowledge Seminar

The Risk Management Institute of NUS will be organising a series of lectures (in English and Mandarin) to educate the public on financial risk management and investing. The lecture series is free and open to all – from students to retirees.

The topics and the dates (first date in English, 2nd date in Mandarin) are as follows:

  • Are bonds really as safe as they are supposed to be? 10 Nov, 12 Nov
  • Structured Financial Products – Are they safe for you? 17 Nov, 19 Nov
  • Equity investing in good and bad times. 24 Nov, 26 Nov
  • Risk and return for different asset classes. 1 Dec, 4 Dec
  • Why did subprime mortgages cause a global crisis? 8 Dec, 10 Dec
  • Financial Globalization – Causes and consequences. 18 Dec, 22 Dec

The venues for the talks will be at Auditorium, University Hall, Level 2, Lee Kong Chian Wing, NUS.

Refreshments will be provided at 1830hrs and the talks will last from 1900 – 2000 hrs with an additional 30 mins provided for Q & A.

For more information, you can contact Eileen Lau at 65167127.

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