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Estate Planning for Parents with Young Children – Webinar

My business associate Wilfred Ling will be conducting a webinar on estate planning for parents with young children. It will cover topics like:

  • Common wrong ideas about estate planning
  • How a couple’s assets are being squandered by third parties leaving nothing to children
  • Four real life examples of wrongly crafted Wills that are either invalid or place huge burden on family members for decades

Details are as follows:

Topic: Educational Seminar – Estate Planning for Parents with Young Children (1 hour)
Speaker: Wilfred Ling
Date/time: 31 July 2010 Saturday 10:00am Singapore time
Venue: Video telecast over Internet
Registration fee: S$19.90 for early bird ; S$29.90 otherwise

Wilfred also offers no-questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the contents of the webinar after watching it.

Click here for further details and registration.

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Brian Chan says 9 years ago

Hi, I missed this webinar. Would like to attend upcoming webinar on estate and financial planning. Also more interested in gold and unit trust investment so if theres any webinar covering these topics would like to attend. Thanks

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