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FAQ on Filing of Claims for Hyflux creditors

Hyflux published a FAQ on the filing of proof of claims yesterday.

Based on the FAQ published by Hyflux, we can ascertain the following:

CPF/SRS/Nominee/Other depository agent

If your holdings are held in nominee/CPF/SRS or other depository agent, they will have to file for everyone as they are the registered owner in the CDP records. You will not be able to file a proof of claim as you are not registered as the legal owner in the CDP records. If they forget to do so, Hyflux will automatically file for them.

However, you will need to inform your nominee/CPF/SRS or other depository agent if you wish to attend and vote at the scheme meetings so that they can appoint you as their proxy. This can be done after the details of the meeting is announced.


If your holdings are held in CDP under your name, Hyflux will automatically file the proof of claim for you if you forget to do so. You will be able to attend and vote at the scheme meetings.

Ordinary Shareholders

Ordinary shareholders of Hyflux do not need to file a proof of claim.


It seems that investors do not really need to do anything for now. Hyflux should have published the FAQ together with the earlier “Notice to file proof of claim”. It would have avoided a scramble among investors as well as not caused them unnecessary anxiety.

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