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Medishield Life and What It Means

Recently, the Medishield Life committee  announced the changes to Medishield and many people might be confused by the changes. This post will help you understand the gist of what’s happening. My discussion on the changes to Medishield will cover four areas: Improvements to basic Medishield benefits Medishield Life Premiums of Medishield Life (to be discussed in another post) Impact on Private […]

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Delisting Woes for Investors of SGX Companies

SGX has in place various rules and regulations that listed companies have to adhere to. Companies that make three consecutive years of losses and whose market capitalisation has fallen below $40 million will be placed onto a SGX watch-list. If the companies on the watch-list are unable to turnaround their situation after another two years, […]

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MAS Mystery Shopping Exposes Gross Deficiency

Back in October 2011 to December 2011, MAS conducted a mystery shopping survey on the financial advisory process of banks and insurers. In case you are not aware, a mystery survey is an undercover exercise which involves people posing as “fake” customers to test how someone provides a particular service. For this particular survey, the […]

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Unit Trust Platforms in Singapore

Many years ago, unit trusts were sold exclusively by the banks and other financial institutions in Singapore. In the good old days (to the sellers), funds were sold at an upfront sales charge of 5%. Insurance companies then joined in the fray when they launched investment-linked (ILP) type of insurance policies, which were a special […]

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Investing in Trees and Animals

There have been more and more kinds of alternative investments like trees and animals being sold to the public in Singapore. Some of these investments promise investment returns of 10-20+% p.a, and a few of them even come with “capital guaranteed” tags. It’s always a mystery to me how growing plants and rearing animals can […]

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