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Personal Debt Bomb

This Personal Debt Bomb warning sounded by Kuo How Name, President of Credit Counselling Singapore, comes at a good time. The consumer debt in Singapore has been growing steadily with double digit growth. A huge component is due to property loans, which now totals $111 billion. Rollover balances on credit cards has also crossed the […]

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Credit Cards for Elderly

There had been a recent spate of discussion in the Straits Times recently about elderly people who had their applications for credit cards rejected. According to a key guideline from MAS, customers who are above 55 should have at least $15,000 in annual income. Some elderly who own a substantial portfolio of shares providing annual […]

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Maybank Pocket Me Giro

Maybank is currently running a very innovative giro payment promotion scheme for their credit card holders. Under the Maybank Pocket Me Giro payment system, your Maybank credit card bills will be automatically paid each month using giro. Maybank will also give you cash rewards into your bank account based on the bill size rounded up […]

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ANZ Credit Card Cash Rebate

ANZ is currently having a special promotion on their ANZ Platinum credit card. Applicant who successfully apply for the ANZ Platinum credit card during the period from 17 May 2010 to 31 July 2010 and charge a minimum amount of S$100 in a singe or multiple transactions within one month from the date the Credit […]

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Higher Bad Debts Among the Young

An article in the Straits Times reported that younger Singaporeans in the 21 to 29-year-old age group have the highest default rate compared to other age groups when it comes to loans. According to numbers from DP Credit Bureau, 7.54% of people in the 21 to 29-year-old age group default on their credit card loans […]

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