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SMRT Increases Early Travel Discount to Fifty Cents

With effect from Monday, 6 August 2012, SMRT will increase the current ‘Early Travel’ discount to fifty cents. This is an increase of twenty cents from the current 30 cents. When the scheme was first introduced in 1997, the discount was only ten cents. This was increased to the current thirty cents last October. The […]

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Sign up For Your Growth Dividends

In Budget 2011, the government announced a “Grow and Share” one-off package to citizens. Two components are the Medisave topup (for those age 45 and above) and Growth Dividends (for those age 21 and above). The Growth Dividends and Medisave topup will be given on 1st May 2011. In the last few days, you will […]

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Sign Up For Last Tranche of GST Credits

The Government will be giving out the last tranche of GST credits on 1st July 2010 for all eligible Singaporeans who have already signed up or who sign up by 18 June 2010. Singaporeans can receive between $100 to $250 in GST Credits for 2010 if their Annual Assessable Income for Year of Assessment 2009 […]

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GST Credits Coming Soon

There will be another payment of the GST credits which given to us on 1st July 2009. Depending on your annual income and house you stay in, the amount will range from $100 to $250. Senior citizens aged 55 and above will get $50 to $250 more. 2/3 of this extra money will be in […]

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Helping the Needy with ComCare

There was an article in the newspapers yesterday about various schemes provided by the government to help the needy. Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness, many needy people might not be tapping on the funds available in the schemes. For example, out of the $6.25 million set aside for the ComCare fund for this […]

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