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Franklin Templeton Investments Launches Six Funds in Singapore

Franklin Templeton Investments has launched six new funds in Singapore this week. The addition of these funds brings the total number of Franklin Templeton Investment Funds (“FTIF”) available for subscription by the Singapore retail public to 68.

franklin-templeton-gold-and-precious-metals-fundFTIF – Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund

The fund seeks capital appreciation by investing its net assets principally in companies around the world that mine, process or deal in gold or other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. The Fund principally invests in equity securities, including small and mid-size gold and precious metals operation companies, located anywhere in the world.

The portfolio managers follow a research-driven, bottom-up approach to stock selection combined with critical analysis of market trends. They further seek to reduce overall volatility while still providing desired returns by gaining significant exposure to precious metals.

FTIF – Franklin Real Return Fund

The fund seeks to achieve the highest level of real returns (total return less the estimated cost of inflation) by investing substantially in inflation-protected securities, which are structured to provide protection against inflation. The Fund also seeks to invest in mortgage and other asset-based securities, short-term fixed-income securities as well as equity securities with high correlation to inflation.

FTIF – Franklin Templeton Global Equity Strategies Fund

The fund invests in companies located anywhere in the world, including emerging markets, through an allocation between different investment strategies. It also seeks to invest in companies involved in mergers, consolidations, liquidations and other reorganisations. The three investment strategies focus primarily on worldwide equity securities selling at prices unusually low relative to the portfolio managers’ appraisal of value.

FTIF – Franklin Templeton Global Fundamental Strategies Fund

The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation with a secondary objective of current income, through a diversified, value-oriented approach. Through an allocation between three different investment strategies, it generally invests in equity and debt securities of companies of any market capitalisation located anywhere in the world, including emerging markets, as well as debts securities issued by any government or by supranational entities.

FTIF – Templeton European Corporate Bond Fund

The fund seeks to maximise total investment return through interest income and capital appreciation by investing principally in investment-grade debt securities of European corporate issuers and/or non-European corporate issuers with a business presence in the European region.

FTIF – Templeton Euro Money Market Fund

The fund seeks to maintain a high degree of capital preservation and liquidity whilst maximising returns returns in the Euro currency by investing in a portfolio of high quality Euro denominated debt and debt related securities, money market securities and cash denominated in Euro.

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Norman Tsai says 10 years ago

Thanks for the update Lion.

Based on what you had described, I think they should add the word “Equity” to this fund’s name:

FTIF – Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund

The difference between investing in mining companies versus “paper” metals versus physical metals is like day and night.

One must know the vast difference before committing and an unclear fund name adds to confusion.

    lioninvestor says 10 years ago

    Hi Norman,

    I think most other similar funds are named in the same way.

    Anyway, in the recent consultation paper put up by MAS, proper naming of funds is one of the items highlighted. So perhaps this might change.

James Tan says 10 years ago

For any of these funds, it’s cheaper to buy them from Fundsupermarkt or DollarDex, as charges are as low as 0.75%, instead of 3 – 5%.

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