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Fundamentals to Bond Investing

SGX will be running four separate sessions at SGX auditorium to teach investors on the fundamentals of bond investing.

18 September (Sat), 2pm to 4pm
25 September (Sat), 2pm to 4pm
27 September (Mon), 7pm to 9pm
29 September (Wed), 7pm to 9pm

Registration for any of these sessions is free and can be done here.

The seminar aims to provide the general investment public with a basic understanding of a fixed income instrument, its basic characteristics, how to value it, and the risks. The talk will answer a basic question, “Is bond investing suitable for me?”

Seminar outline

  • Key concepts, terminologies and features of a bond.
  • Different types of bonds.
  • Why invest in bonds?
  • Overview of the Singapore bond market.
  • Understanding Price, Coupon and Yield of a Bond.
  • Different measures of interest rates and yield to maturity.
  • Understanding the yield curve
  • Market (interest rate) risks
  • Credit ratings, credit risks, default risks
  • Inflation risk
  • Comparison of bond to other asset classes in terms of risk and returns
  • Are bonds suitable for me?

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