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Gold Insignia LLP On MAS Investor Alert List

Gold Insignia LLP was recently placed on the MAS Investor Alert list.

Gold Insignia LLP (Gold Insignia)

3 Raffles Place
#07-01 Bharat Building
Singapore 048617

It joins similar companies like Genneva and The Gold Label who were placed on the MAS alert list earlier.

All three companies offered gold investment buyback schemes that offered investors a chance to make returns of approximately 1% per month.

The Gold Label is already in trouble with the company placed into liquidation.

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bella says 8 years ago

Wonder how Gold Insignia make their money? What I heard is thru Forex.

?? says 9 years ago

Are there any other reasons for the 2 goldcos to be on MAS alert list besides giving rebates?
GV had been on the alert for a few months…..but I heard that they are still business as usual…..?????

    Wilfred Ling says 9 years ago

    The alert list is simply a list of companies and individuals not regulated by MAS. It does not imply that MAS is saying these list of is a list of criminals.

Lee Mei May says 9 years ago

Dear Musicwhiz,
Silver companies do not give the monthly rebates which the affected goldcos do and the rebates given is not sustainable as proven in the case of TGL

Musicwhiz says 9 years ago

I’m surprised no Silver companies have made it onto the MAS list yet! 😛

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