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Goodies for Children and Parents

The government has been very busy the past few days, announcing a spate of measures to help children and parents with their healthcare and various other costs.

Needy kids get more help with healthcare costs (MOH)

Raising and caring for your children (MOH)

Enhance Child and Infant Care Subsidies for Lower and Middle Income Families (MSF)

Marriage and Parenthood Package (MOM)

Some of these changes include:

  •  MediShield coverage will be extended to include congenital and neonatal conditions. With this extension, Singaporean newborns born on or after 1 Mar 2013 will be covered by MediShield from birth, without having to be assessed for pre-existing conditions.
  • To help families cover the cost of MediShield premiums for their newborns, the Government will deposit a one-off grant of $3,000 into the Medisave accounts of all newborn citizens born on or after 26 Aug 2012.
  • To allow the use of Medisave for Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP)
  • 1 week of paid paternity leave and extension of childcare leave

These kind of measures are usually announced during the Budget sessions; I guess we all know the reason why they were announced this week. 😉

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Nicholas says 7 years ago

Dear Mr Martin
I have some doubts on preference share, would be grateful if you can enlighten me. I understand that UOB 5.05 and OCBC 5.1 preference share may be redeemed this year. May I ask, usually how long before the callable date will they make it known to everyone whether they are going to redeem the preference share? 1 mth? few days? few mths or more? Do they usually make a clear statement that they will not be redeeming on the callable date if they dont wish to redeem it or announcements will only be made if its going to be redeemed on the callable date. I am not sure between UOB 5.05 and OCBC 5.1 which is more likely to be redeemed cos both are callable this year.
Hear from you. Thank you in advance.

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