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Guide to Mining Seminar

“A Guide to Mining” is a 3.5hr general mining seminar presented by industry experts. It is complimentary and open to all.

This investor education seminar is organized by SGX and part of their effort to build the Mining ecosystem.

The Mining sector on SGX is very liquid, with a sector average turnover velocity of 145%, more than twice that of the market. The sector is growing, and with the new Mineral Oil & Gas (MOG) listing rules in place since earlier this year, they are expecting new mining IPOs to come to market.

About the Speakers:

Peter Stoker is a geologist with 40 years experience resource and reserve audit and due diligence, and also providing advice to improve minerals investment return on investment. He is Chairman of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee, which promulgates a popular mining resource classification standard (JORC).

His colleague Mark Berry has 30 years experience, also in mining geology, resource/reserve assessment and mine feasibility/development.

The topics and some key learning points include:

1. Overview of Mining Industry & Mining Process

What are the typical mineral resources
What kind of companies are involved in mining
What are the different links of the mining value chain

2. Introduction to Resource & Reserves Classification System

What is a resource and what is a reserve
What document describes the resources & reserves of a company
How does this classification affect company value
How resource classification may affect company operations and activities

3. Unique Mining Risks and how to assess and mitigate them

What is exploration risk?
What are the other technical, financial and legal risks to consider?

4. Valuation of Mining Assets (How to read a technical VALMIN report)

How is a mining asset valued
What is the VALMIN code, and how to read such a report

Please click on below links to register for this special event on the timeslot of your preference (venue at SGX auditorium):

Mon, 5 Sep, 2pm-5.30pm

Tue, 6 Sep, 2pm-5.30pm

Wed, 7 Sep, 9am-12.30pm

Wed, 7 Sep, 2pm-5.30pm

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