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HDB Resale Seminar

The recent property frenzy has been fueled partly by the number of HDB upgraders in the mass market segment.

As the price of a HDB resale unit can cost up to $400-500k, it is no wonder that people decide to pay a bit more to get for themselves a private apartment. The HDB resale price index for 2Q2009 is at 140.2, the highest ever.

For those who are looking at buying or selling their HDB unit, you might want to attend this HDB resale seminar organised by HDB. It covers topics like:

  • Resale Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Planning for Homeownership
  • Procedure for HDB/Bank Loan
  • Option to Purchase
  • Resale Checklist for Housing Agents
  • HDB InfoWEB and e-Services
  • Using Your CPF for HDB Housing

Seminars are delivered in English, Mandarin and Malay. To see the dates and to register for the talk, you can visit the HDB website. There is a fee of $25 and seats are limited to 100 people for each session.

Given that the amount of money spent on a HDB flat can add up to a significant percentage of a person’s income over the years, it might be worthwhile to plan your HDB purchase or sale carefully.

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