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Hong Lim Park Gathering for Structured Product Investors

The gathering for structured product investors has been confirmed:

Venue: Speaker’s Corner, Hong Lim Park
Date: Saturday 11 October from 5 to 7 pm.
Topic: Petition to Singapore Government on Credit Linked Securities.

1. Tan Kin Lian
2. Leong Sze Hian

As a large crowed is expected, it may not be possible for some investors to hear the speakers. The authorities allow a loud hailer to be used, but not a powered loudspeaker. Handouts will be provided to people who can’t hear.

Signs will be put up for the attendees to meet other investors who have invested in similar products, e.g. Minibond, High Notes, Pinnacle Notes, Jubilee Notes. The main purpose of this event is to show a large gathering of investors.

Hope to see you there and please help to spread the word to your friends.

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BS says 13 years ago

Hi, Lioninvestor

Mr Tan Kin Lian has posted in his website that he has applied to speak at the Speakers’ Corner on 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 1 Nov and 8 Nov, Saturdays, from 6 pm – 7 pm. Can help to post this info here too?

BTW, last Sat, at the Speakers’ Corner, I spoke to one ‘aunty’ who speaks Mandarin and cannot read English. Although she has a son, she may not be able to ask him to help her in getting information about these talks and updates from Mr Tan’s blogs, due to some personal reasons.

I believe there are many more people out there, in similar situation as her. How can we reach out to them, those who are Chinese educated, illiterate and have to depend on word of mouth or from other investors? We are very fortunate in that we are English educated and can access Mr Tan’s blogs and your blogs for information and updates regularly. The group of people who are left out are those who are illiterate, or those who do not have access to internet or those who are Chinese educated and cannot read English.

Maybe at the next meeting on 18 Oct, we should identify these groups of people so that there will be someone to inform them of any important updates?

Thank you for giving so much of your time to answer our queries!

    lioninvestor says 13 years ago

    Hi BS,

    Mr Tan has gotten a Chinese speaker for this Saturday’s session. Hopefully, it will be useful for the Chinese speaking investors.

    Word of mouth can be quite powerful.

Bad Dream says 13 years ago

I felt really sickened by the sight of so many elderlies at Hong Lim Park today.

Many I spoke to were completely bewildered and devastated. Many of them were chinese and dialact speaking and cannot understand how to blog. How would they know what they could do?

They made their way to Hong Lim park by word of mouth. They do no know how to raise a complaint to the banks. Many were hoping they someone could help them with their grievances there.

How could FIs expect this lot to understand the risk of such complex products when many of us who are well educated but yet fail to realise the risk involved?

Very sad state of affairs.

    lioninvestor says 13 years ago

    More importantly, how will all these people know how to write their complaint letter to the FI?

      uncleyue says 13 years ago

      The best hope for these hapless and poor uncles and aunties is to band together and sought the help of their MP. They could make their way to the meet-the-people sessions and sought the help of their grass root leaders/RC committee to generate more awareness of their plight.

      To advise them to write officially to FI, MAS etc is too much of a hassle as most of them are not very well-educated.

      Please do not brand them as greedy… I am sure most of them were trying to maximise the returns from their hard earned savings and they fell into this “trap”.

        lioninvestor says 13 years ago

        Yes, I think it would be a good idea to get their MPs to help them with their complaints/letter.

Jeffrey says 13 years ago

I fully agreed that the sales of minii-bond and pinalces were not properly explained by the sales staff at May Bank when they sold the prolducts to us. MAS should look into this thoroughly!

coffee-o says 13 years ago

Mr. Tan is our hero in this crisis.

He is more than qualified to be our next elected president.

goondu says 13 years ago

I could not attend because I am oversea. May I request for updates to be posted here ? Thanks a lot….

johnny1186 says 13 years ago

This may be a positive news for you:

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