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Importance of Wills and Estate Planning

Most people in Singapore do not have a Will, and many also have the misconception that having a Will and estate planning is only for the rich.

The article Husband died leaving spouse with no home, no money; DIY video Will invalid highlights some of the problems that a typical heartlander family can face when the breadwinner passes away early without leaving behind a Will.

Professional estate planner Wilfred Ling will be giving an introductory Wills and Trusts planning talk to share on how you can use proper estate planning to protect your family. Come to this seminar to understand the kind of risks and dangers you will be putting your family in if you do not have a proper Will.

Wilfred will also share examples of the many Wills he has seen which fail to address the estate planning needs of a person, even though they were mostly drafted by legal professionals.

Details of the talk are as follows:

The Importance of Wills & Trusts planning for Parents with Young children

Venue: Singapore Management University – School of Economics And Social Sciences, Seminar Room 5.1
Date: Saturday, 13 October 2012
Time: 14:30 to 17:00
Fee: $50 (normal), $40 (early bird till 1st October 2012)

Registration link :

[important]You can use the coupon code GSS to get a further 10% discount off the normal or early bird price.[/important]

Topics that will be covered

  1. What are the problems of having no Will?
  2. How to choose a guardian?
  3. How to use testamentary trust to safeguard your children’s monies?
  4. Why simple Wills cannot cater to the needs of young parents
  5. Case study: Wills for Parents with Young Children.
  6. Case study 2: Insurance Trust for parents who are businessmen wanting to have their children’s monies to be protected from creditors.
  7. Addressing common questions about Wills and Trusts:
    • “I do not know of anyone to be the guardian of my children.”
    • “I do not know who can I appoint as executor and trustee.”
    • “I cannot decide on the percentages.”
    • “I will not die so soon (i.e. I will consider estate planning before I die).”
    • “I do not have the knowledge.”
    • “I am too busy.”
    • “I am young, Will is for the aged.”
    • “I am just procrastinating.”
    • “I do not have much assets, Will is for the rich.”
    • “I cannot afford the fee.”
    • “I have no spouse/children.”
    • “I don’t need the Will because all my assets are in joint accounts with my wife.”
    • “I do not know whom I can approach. I thought only lawyers can write Wills.”
  8. Q&A

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