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Incomeshield Upgrade With No Underwriting

Recently, NTUC has been inviting selected Incomeshield policyholders to upgrade their plans from the basic Incomeshield to the Enhanced Incomeshield (lateral switch) without any underwriting.

To be eligible for the upgrade with no underwriting, insureds need to meet these criteria,

  1. Age below 30 years old on Next Birthday and with no past health insurance claim record
  2. On standard Incomeshield plans (Plan B, Plan A or Plan P)
  3. Covered as standard life with no exclusion and no special loading imposed due to pre-existing conditions

In view of numerous requests to accept these application for lateral switch past the offer period, the dateline for this campaign has been extended till 15th June 2009.

The enhanced version of the Incomeshield is much superior to the normal version. If you have received a letter of offer from NTUC on this upgrade, you should consider it very carefully.

A FAQ on the details of this campaign for your information can be found below.


How to upgrade ?

Application for the upgrade are made hassle free through pre-printed personal particulars and premium rates on the application form. The policyholder only needs to sign and return the application form using the business reply envelope enclosed. For upgrades to Basic plan, the policyholder will need to select the plan type accordingly to their nationality.

What are the benefits for upgrading ?

– There will NO UNDERWRITING on the upgrade

– For a slight increase in premium, you get the “As Charged” feature (subject to deductible and co-insurance)

– Enjoy increased maximum claim limits per policy year

Most importantly, Lock in insurability while young and healthy

What are the plans eligible for upgrade to ?

Main Plans :

Plan B –> Basic (SG) / Basic (PR) / Basic (FR)

Plan A –> Advantage

Plan P –> Preferred

Riders :

For existing policyholders with Assist/Plus riders who opt for the upgrade, the same riders will be upgrade accordingly.

Why need to choose between Basic plan ?

For policyholders on Plan B who are upgrading to Basic plan, they would need to indicate which plan they are buying.

If they choose a plan which is not accordance to their own nationality, Citizenship factor would be applicable.

Following are the relevant plans according to the nationality,

For Singaporean -> Basic (SG)

For Singapore Permanent Resident -> Basic (PR)

For Foreigners -> Basic (FR)

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