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TM Nest Egg (SP – Guaranteed 3)

TM Asia Life has recently launched a new product in their TM Nest Egg series, the TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 3). The TM Nest Egg (SP-Guaranteed 3) is a 5-year, non-participating single premium endowment with yearly cash dividends, designed to provide a higher interest compare to fixed deposits, while at the same time providing minimal […]

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What I Meant by Annualised Yield

There were some questions on the annualised yield figure that I provided in my previous post on the HSBC Guaranteed Saver Plus. That figure is based on compound interest and is the most relevant indicator (annualised yield or annualised returns) for you to compare against other similar lump sum investments. Let’s say you put $1000 […]

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HSBC Guaranteed Saver Plus Premium Discount

HSBC is currently having a promotion on their existing Guaranteed Saver Plus plan which is a fixed 5 year term single premium non-participating endowment plan. With the premium discount campaign, the annualised yield could go up to as high as 2.75%. The yield is guaranteed and not a projection. The discount for various investment amounts […]

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NTUC Income Capital Plus Promotion

This post is for the 2008 tranche of Capital Plus. For the June 2018 tranche, you can refer to this post: NTUC Capital Plus June 2018 NTUC Income yesterday announced the launch of their Capital Plus Promotion. Anyone currently holding a NTUC Income policy is eligible for this promotion. This product is suitable for policyholders […]

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