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Medishield and Means Testing

Ms Goh Poh Kheng wrote in to the forum the other day to express her surprise at the low payout from Medishield for her father’s hospitalisation. The bill size was $2300 after a government subsidy for staying in C class. Based on a deductible of $1000 and co-insurance of 20%, her father should be able […]

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$24 Million Dollar Medical Bill

We all know about escalating health costs in Singapore but this case probably beats them all. Surgeon’s $24.8m bill landed her in the soup Surgeon inflated bills From the newspapers, it was reported that the doctor charged $100,000 to $200,000/day for her services. Point for discussion : Do you think medical charges (for the same […]

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Dangers of Switching Shield Plans

Picked up this story from Tan Kin Lian’s website. A consumer was insured under company A for a integrated Shield policy for more than 10 years. An agent persuaded the consumer to change the Shield insurance to company B saying it was better. The consumer was worried that the change in policy would lead to […]

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More Reforms to Health Insurance Coming?

Health Minister Kwaw Boon Wan wrote on a recent meeting he had with all the health insurers to review the current health insurance scheme. For the Medishield plans, there was some discussion to include coverage for mental illness, congenital illness and neonatal treatment. There were also comments on raising the claim limits on outpatient cancer […]

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Medical Insurance Co-Payment

Adrian Khiat wrote in to the ST Forum on the moral hazards of having an insurance plan that covers 100% of the hospitalization bill. I agree with most of his view points. Anyone who has been to a buffet will know what I mean. The eating behavior is very different when you are paying for […]

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