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Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefit for NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield

NTUC Income will be making some changes to their Enhanced Incomeshield Plans commencing or renewing on 1st September 2010 and onwards. 1) Introduction of Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefit This benefit covers the insured if he donates his organs to an immediate family member. Aviva added this benefit earlier and NTUC has now followed suit. […]

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Case Study of an Unplanned Hospitalisation Financial Disaster Part 2

I wanted to give a short update on the previous real life story I shared about an unplanned hospitalisation financial disaster. The initial hospital bill size of $12,000 a day has since come down to about $1000+ a day as the condition has stabilized after the first few days whereby more treatment was required (kidney […]

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Case Study of an Unplanned Hospitalisation Financial Disaster

Patrick (not his real name) suffered some discomfort late at night. As the normal clinics were already closed, he went by himself to a private hospital to seek consultation. While waiting for the test results, Patrick collapsed and went into a coma. His condition worsened and he ended up having multiple organ failure. Four specialists […]

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Medical Examination for Incomeshield Applicants Age 60 and Above

As part of the underwriting requirement, NTUC Income will be sending applicants aged 60 and above who apply as new applications or upgrade applications to Enhanced IncomeShield (Preferred, Advantage, Basic) for a routine medical examination. The interesting thing about this new medical examination requirement is that NTUC will be paying for it. Typically, the premiums […]

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Pre-existing Conditions for Medical Insurance

Almost all medical (or hospitalization and surgical – H&S) insurance provides coverage with an exclusion for pre-existing conditions unless the condition was declared and accepted by the insurer. Of course, if you knew of a condition and didn’t declare it, it will still be excluded. Without this exclusion clause in place, people can simply wait […]

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