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Enhancement to Aviva Myshield and Myshield Plus

Aviva recently announced some enhancements to their MyShield and MyShield Plus plan. MyShield On top of the existing comprehensive coverage, MyShield now also covers the following: a) inpatient pregnancy complications b) inpatient congenital anomalies c) living donor organ transplant performed in Singapore The following MyShield benefits have also been improved to offer better coverage: a) […]

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Existing Medical Insurance Cover and She Didn’t Know

The other day, I was referred to someone who wanted to get some health (or medical) insurance. According to her, she didn’t have any medical insurance cover and wanted to use some of her Medisave to get an appropriate cover. This was a fairly straightforward transaction but usually, what I will do is to double […]

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Medisave for Mental Illness

Medisave can be used to pay for the outpatient treatment of two more chronic diseases, schizophrenia and major depression, starting from 1st October 2009. Schizophrenia and Major Depression are chronic mental diseases that can potentially cause significant burden and disability.  Schizophrenia, which affects nearly 1% of the population, is a chronic psychiatric disorder that requires […]

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Clarification of Newborn Exclusion From Medishield

MOH posted a reply to a letter written in the Straits Times forum about a couple’s newborn being rejected from Medishield. According to MOH, it was not a case of rejection but more of a deferment as the baby was still undergoing medical treatment at the point of application. The couple can apply again for the […]

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Newborn Rejected by Medishield

There was an article on the Straits Times forum yesterday written by a parent whose child was denied the Medishield plan by CPF. It was unfortunate that CPF did not want to cover the child, and it seemed to go against the Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s announcement that every newborn baby will have basic medical […]

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