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Full Medishield Life Report

The Medishield Life Review Committee has just released the full Medishield Life Report. For the full Medishield Life report, you can download it here: MediShield Life Review Committee Report Final (full report) Medishield Life at a Glance (2-page summary in 4 languages) If you haven’t already done so, you will also want to read my Medishield […]

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Misleading Insurance Bonus Statement

There was a letter by Tan Aik Meng in the ST Forum yesterday on how bonus statements by certain insurance companies are misleading. Insurer’s bonus statement misleading The gist of the letter is that the death value and cash values given in the policy statement are not the current ones, but of a value sometime in […]

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Time to Drop Your Integrated Shield Plan?

Ever since details about Medishield Life were announced, one question that has been raised is by those who have private integrated shield plans. What should they do about their plans? Should they continue or drop them? I have read many articles that have been written on this topic. A few bring up sensible points and […]

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The Benefits of Portable Medical Plans

My letter on an area of Medishield Life, Push for Portable Medical Plans Needs More Support was published in the ST Forum on 13 June 2014. The same topic was brought up in today’s Straits Times under the opinion page: Giving New Life to Portable Insurance Due to space constraint, I was not able to […]

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Medishield Life Premiums and Affordability

medishield life premiums

Having dissected Medishield Life in my previous article Medishield Life and What It Means, I will now look at the Medishield Life premiums and how much they will potentially increase. If you have not read that article, please go and read it first before reading the rest of this article. Medishield Premiums Before we look […]

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