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LIC Launches Wealth Plus Plan in Singapore

Hi, I’m finally back after a period of rest. 🙂 A quick update about a product launched by one new insurance company in Singapore, Life Insurance Corporation Singapore. This company will not be unfamiliar with the Indian Nationals who are based here. Life Insurance Corporation Singapore Life Insurance Corporation Singapore was incorporated as a direct […]

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Unscrupulous Acts by Insurance Agents

It was reported in The New Paper that some insurance agents were targeting the elderly, the illiterate, and the poor in their homes to sell them insurance products. Give Us Your Passwords (TNP) What would happen was that the agents would ask for the SingPass passwords in order to access the CPF account information to see whether […]

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ILP Returns are Not Guaranteed

Read an interview on the Sunday Times the other day and it immediately stuck me to write something on it. What financial planning have you done for yourself? I’ve a unit trust-linked savings plan which gives me an 8 per cent return annually over a seven-year period. This allows me to draw out the cash […]

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Insane Waiting Time for Specialist Appointment

There was an article in yesterday’s Straits Times Forum that a particular patient had to wait more than a year for his specialist appointment at SGH. Upon referral from his polyclinic to see a renal specialist for a worsening blood condition, he was first given an appointment for December 2014. After many phone calls and […]

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Rejection of DPS Insurance Claim and Why

Recently, there was a letter in the ST Forum about a person being unable to make a claim on her Dependent Protection Scheme (DPS) insurance. In this particular case, the person was disabled from the waist down and wanted to claim based on the benefit of “permanent incapacity” in her DPS insurance. This is defined as “being […]

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