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Investing In Fixed Income Securities

The SGX Academy has put together a seminar on fixed income securities to help investors better understand fixed income securities. With the spate of bonds (and more to come) made available to retail investors, this session will be useful to those who are thinking of investing into bonds in the future.

Date: 26 Mar 2011 (tomorrow!)
Venue: SGX Auditorium
Time: 9am to 12.00pm

Investing In Fixed Income Securities

1. Bonds 101 (Samuel Tan) 1.5hr (9am – 10.30am)

Introduction to bonds
– Key bond terminologies, concepts and features
– Types of bonds
– Why invest in bonds?
– Overview of the Singapore bond market

Yield Curve Analysis
– Valuing a bond- Measures of bond yield
– Yield curve
– How to read yield curve and what might be some of the “alert signals” we could derive from yield curves
– Term structure of interest rates Risks of bond investments
– Key risks

2. Understanding Credit Ratings (Surinder D. Kathpalia) 40min (10.30am – 11.10am)
– Ratings and the Role of Ratings
– Ratings Process
– Performance of S&P’s Ratings

3. The Role of a Corporate Trustee in a Retail Listed Bond Issue (Sin Li Choo) 15min (11.10am – 11.25am)

4. Q&A (15min) (11.25am – 11.40am)

Registration Email: [email protected] or click here (registration link at bottom of page).

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