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MAS Advisory on Land Banking

MAS has (through the MoneySense program), recently published a consumer warning on land banking investments. The warning highlights the risk of investing in land banking products. It also reiterates the fact that land banking is not regulated by MAS as it involves a direct interest in real estate and not securities (such as collective investment […]

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Hong Lim Park Land Banking Speech

The speech by Tan Kin Lian on land banking can be found here: Land banking speech by Tan Kin Lian There appears to be limited recourse for the first group of buyers as it is really a willing buyer, willing seller transaction. In any case, it remains to be seen whether the original selling company […]

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Profitable Group in the News

Some recent news relating to Profitable Group, a company that deals with alternative products (investments). They started a few years back promoting land investment opportunities in the UK. None of these news has been carried in our mainstream newspaper, The Straits Times, yet. There was also some coverage in Lianhe Wanpao but the link is […]

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Land International Far East

Looks like Land International Far East is another busted UK land banking scam. Interested readers can follow the post here: Land Banking: Land International Far East (Land Wealth Centre) Any affected victims who would like to share his or her story with the media can email Hanqing at [email protected].

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MAS Investor Alert List Update

From time to time, MAS receives information on persons who are possibly conducting activities regulated by MAS without authorisation. Some of these unregulated persons may sometimes use names similar to that of entities regulated by MAS. MAS maintains an investor alert list, on whom MAS has received information and who are not authorised by MAS […]

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