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Landbanking Scam in Canada

Received this message from someone in Canada warning about a landbanking scam sold to investors here. Names have been removed to prevent lawsuits. While I can’t confirm the validity of this warning, the moral of the story is to always check with the locals before going ahead with any overseas investment opportunities. I am writing […]

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The Bottled Wealth Holdings Gone Sour

Looks like another wine investment that are being sold to retail investors has gone sour. Accordingly to an article in the Straits Times yesterday, six angry investors had gone to the office of The Bottled Wealth Holdings to demand their money back. The investors had been promised returns of at least 15% within three years but […]

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Closure of Ecohouse Office in Singapore

I was not at all surprised to read that Brazilian property development Ecohouse had closed its office in Singapore. After all, they had announced earlier in January this year that they would be stopping sales of new projects in Singapore in order to focus on the construction of the properties. If there is not going to be any […]

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MAS to Regulate Unregulated Investment Products

In the past ten years, there had been many companies that offered all kinds of investment opportunities to the public. Companies like Profitable Plots, Genneva Gold, Oil Pods,…The list goes on. Even though the public are sold what are essentially investment products, these are mostly unregulated as they are considered as non capital markets products […]

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EcoHouse on MAS Investor Alert List

Today, there was an article on Straits Times that Brazilian property developer EcoHouse has been placed on MAS Investor Alert List. Actually, the news is not new as EcoHouse was already placed on the MAS watch list quite a while back. The sales network manager of EcoHouse, Simon Dawson, did not respond to Straits Times […]

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