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Profitable Boron Gone Wrong

Yesterday, the three directors of Profitable Plots were charged in court for cheating over an investment scheme sold by their company. Under the scheme, investors were promised a return of 12.5% in six months. The monies that investors put in were supposed to be used to finance the purchase of a chemical-based lubricant, Boron CLS […]

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Profitable Plots Hearing Adjourned Again

In yesterday’s hearing against Profitable Plots, the Subordinate Court judge allowed for the case to be adjourned yet again. This was to allow CAD more time to complete their investigations. The next hearing has been set for 9th April 2012. Meanwhile, in a statement issued on the website of Profitable Plots yesterday, it was announced […]

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What Now for Edgeworth Properties Investors?

It was reported in the Business Times that CAD were investigating the company Edgeworth Properties, a land banking company that sold land in Canada. About 4000 investors from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand had invested more than C$70 million with the company. It is unknown when CAD started investigations but the Ontario Superior Court of […]

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Twist in Profitable Plots Saga

And so the Profitable Plots saga drags on. CAD has asked for more time to conclude it’s investigations into Profitable Plots. I have actually lost count of the number of times CAD has asked for more time to work on the case. This time round, CAD has found an independent expert witness in the US, […]

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Profitable Plots Directors Allowed to Leave Singapore

profitable plots directors

This is the kind of news that is stunning, even to a High Court Judge. Geraldine and John Nordmann, husband and wife directors of land banking company Profitable Plots, were supposed to attend a verdict hearing but were not present as they were both allowed to leave the country. High Court Judge Choo Han Teck […]

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