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Premium Liquid Assets in HK Police Probe

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you invested in wine and it didn’t do well? I suppose you could drink it but that is probably not what investors of Premium Liquid Assets (PLA) had in mind when they invested with the company. After the Hong Kong office of PLA was investigated by the […]

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FSA Warning on Land Banking

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) of UK has recently created a video warning on UK land banking. You can watch the clip below: Meanwhile, in Singapore, the courts have granted yet another time extension to CAD for their investigation on Profitable Plots. The new date of hearing is now on 8th November 2011.

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Trading in Niches

Apparently, there are some people who have been making money buying and selling columbarium niches. The price of a niche can range from $500 in government-run columbarium, to almost $30,000 for a double-urn choice location niche in a private columbarium. Those choice units with limited supplies have gone up in prices after they were sold […]

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Beware of High Mark-ups on Land Banking Projects

It was reported that a particular plot of land was sold at £150 per square metre, a mark-up of around 5000% to investors in Asia. Havering Green Belt for Sale in England If the plot of land does not end up getting planning permission, you can bet that the resale value of the land will […]

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Profitable Plots Case Still Unresolved

In a District Court hearing yesterday, CAD reported that their investigation against land banking company Profitable Plots was still ongoing. Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Christopher Ong added that CAD’s investigations would probably be concluded within six months. Investigations first started in August 2010. 229 complaints involving more than $20 million worth of investments have been […]

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