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CAD Needs More Time on Profitable Group

It looks like investors with Profitable Group will have to wait longer for CAD’s investigations to be completed. In a court hearing yesterday, Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) had asked for the company’s bank account to be frozen for another six months so that CAD could complete their investigations. The court gave the CAD three months instead. […]

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Profitable Group Staff to be Paid Salary

Profitable Group, a company that provides UK land investment opportunities, managed to get the High Court to release $218,000 from its frozen bank accounts to pay the outstanding wages of its staff. After this payment, Profitable Plots will be left with only $60,000 in its coffers. While Profitable Plots is currently under investigation by CAD, […]

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Monty International – Land Resale

Came across this company Monty International that was providing a service of helping land banking owners resell their plots. With the failure of some land banking companies, some investors have been left stranded with their plots and have been approached by this company who offered them their resale service. They had a package costing US$1588 […]

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Residential Land and HDB Ownership

In an article published in the Sunday Times yesterday, it was mentioned that the HDB ruling which states that HDB flat owners are not allowed to concurrently own an HDB flat and private property (local or overseas) within the minimum occupation period (MOP) will also apply to residential land (even if its vacant) held in […]

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Boron Investor Loses Her Case Against Profitable Plots

An investor who tried to recover her money from Profitable Plots had her case thrown out by the courts yesterday. The reason was because her contract was not made with Profitable Plots but with a separate legal entity that is not based in Singapore. The person had invested in a product called Boron, a fuel […]

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