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How to Invest In Gold In Singapore

Some people have asked me what are the different ways to invest in gold in Singapore and also which is the best way. In this gold-related article, I shall list out the ways that an individual can do so along with the pros and cons of each method. This article is meant to be introductory, […]

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Genneva Gold Set to Lose Lawsuit

Genneva Gold, or more correctly known as Genneva Pte Ltd, was recently sued for their failure to return customer’s gold and money. A plaintiff, Lee Bee Ghok, has won an interlocutory judgment against Genneva in the Subordinate Court. The judgement might very well be a hallow victory because based on the latest filings, Genneva has liabilities […]

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The Gold Guarantee in the News

The Gold Guarantee, a company that had a gold buy-back with discount scheme similar to companies like Genneva Gold and The Gold Label, made its way onto the front page article of the Business Times recently. Of course, all of us know what happened to The Gold Label. Anyway, since The Gold Guarantee started in […]

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Bao Jing Trading Bites the Gold Dust

Bao Jing Trading, a company that offered a gold investment scheme, appears to have defaulted. Investors with Bao Jing Trading were promised monthly returns of 1.5% to 3% through an elaborate buyback scheme. If they left their gold bars with the company, the returns could go up to even 7-10%. At least 120 investors are […]

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Gold Plunges on Margin Hikes

For the second time this month, the CME Group, the operator of New York’s Comex exchange (the main metals and energy exchanges in the U.S.), announced an increase in margin requirements to trade gold. It raised the amount of money needed to trade gold contracts by 27% to $9,450 per 100-ounce contract. This followed a […]

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