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Gold SGD Hedged Exchange Traded Commodities and its Risks

db-X ETC (Exchange Traded Commodity) has listed the World’s first Gold ETC hedged in SGD on the London Stock Exchange. As the product is hedged in SGD, an investor will be able to get exposure to any full potential upside (or downside) in percentage terms of the underlying gold (net of fees). If you are […]

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Gold Insignia LLP On MAS Investor Alert List

Gold Insignia LLP was recently placed on the MAS Investor Alert list. Gold Insignia LLP (Gold Insignia) 3 Raffles Place #07-01 Bharat Building Singapore 048617 It joins similar companies like Genneva and The Gold Label who were placed on the MAS alert list earlier. All three companies offered gold investment buyback schemes that offered investors […]

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Genneva Gold Placed on MAS Alert List

Genneva Gold has been recently placed on MAS Investors’ Alert List. This comes a few months after another company operating under a similar business model, The Gold Label, was also placed on the list. Business Times has covered a story on this last weekend. You can read it here: Golden Fleece Extracted from the article: […]

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The Gold Label Liquidation

Back in December 2010, it was reported that The Gold Label was in cashflow difficulties. For the uninitiated, The Gold Label is a company (among a few) that sells gold at a markup to retail investors and then offer them a “guaranteed” buyback option with a cash rebate. The cash rebate can amount to more […]

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The Gold Label in Trouble

It was reported in Today’s newspapers that The Gold Label, a company specializing in selling gold as an investment to retail investors, is in cashflow difficulties. The company entices people to invest with them by way of a sales and buyback agreement, promising attractive yields. I had earlier warned that such a scheme offered by […]

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