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Five New Lyxor Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Societe Generale’s wholly owned subsidiary Lyxor Asset Management, has listed five new Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) on SGX recently. These ETFs track the performance of four Asian equity and one commodity-linked fund: MSCI Thailand MSCI Malaysia MSCI India MSCI Asia APEX 50 (an index made up of 50 stocks in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, […]

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Jim Rogers Interview

I managed to obtain from my friend an audio clip that had a short interview of Jim Rogers following his speech at NUS a couple of weeks ago. Click on the player below to listen. The transcript of the interview provided by my friend of InvestIdeas Forum and with additions done by me can be […]

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Jim Rogers – How He Sees the World

I was at NUS to attend the talk by Jim Rogers the other day. In case you don’t know who Jim Rogers is, he is the person who started the Quantum Fund together with George Soros. Subsequently, he retired at age 37 to travel round the world once on a bike and another time in […]

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Marc Faber Interview on Bloomberg

Some pointers (and views of Marc) from this short Marc Faber interview. What’s your outlook from here?The cyclicals, energy and the material stocks, like steel and iron ore companies will come under pressure. The downside in banks is running out. There are other sectors that are more vulnerable. What would you be buying? We should […]

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Correlation Between Gold and Oil

In general, the price of gold and oil have a positive correlation. When oil prices rise,there is an upward pressure on inflation. This enhances the use of gold as an inflation hedge. Historially, oil purchases were made with gold. One way of identifying trading opportunities is to use the gold-oil ratio. This can be calculated […]

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